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How Democrats Can Take Back Congress is the first book published by Pamphleteering Press.  It has just been released to the public, and so far the response has been overwhelming.  Click on the small image to the left to see the book’s cover.

How Democrats Can Take Back Congress is a well-written and surprisingly readable book.   It puts forth an easy and attainable plan for the Democratic Party to regain control of the houses of Congress in the 2006 midterm election.

Many pundits have already pointed out the similarities between the political situation today and the mood of the country in 1993, when Newt Gingrich put forth his “Contract With America.”  Polls show approval rates for Congress at historic lows, but unfortunately the Democrats haven’t been able to turn this into strong support for their agenda, because they refuse to articulate any agenda to the public.  Many stories have appeared in the mainstream media calling for the Democrats to come up with their own Contract, and sell it to the voters.  However, most of these op-ed articles are as short on specifics as the Democrats have been.

This book changes that.  After laying out the strategy for winning back Congress, it offers fifteen possible agenda items that Democrats can successfully use to get elected.  They all poll extraordinarily high with voters across the country (60% to 90% in favor).  This means that voters in Red states and Blue would strongly support them in the voting booth.  And that’s the way to win elections.

Chris Weigant wrote this book under the pen name “Tom Paine”, and he feels so strongly about his ideas that he ordered us to send a review copy of the book to every Democrat in Congress, as well as other prominent Democrats around the country for their evaluation.

We think you’ll agree after reading the book that it contains new and innovative political ideas that the Democratic leadership should strongly consider when planning their 2006 election strategy.  Click here to buy your own copy and see for yourself!

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