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About Pamphleteering Press

Pamphleteering Press was born as an experiment that blends the best ideas of the 21st century with the best ideas from the history of writing.

In today’s world of weblogs, 24-hour news cycles on cable television and “citizen journalists,” we were convinced that an idea from the past had merit in today’s America.

The question posed to us by the first author we were willing to publish was: “Can an average citizen petition the powerful by publishing a political document and pamphleteering it to every member of Congress in a particular political party?”

Aside from the overwhelming alliteration such a question displayed, we felt this was an interesting experiment, to see whether in this online world someone could revive an old idea and make it work. In direct challenge to the “blogosphere,” could you influence the political debate using the old-fashioned method of paper and ink rather than pixels on a screen?

The relative merits of this experiment remain to be seen. Is the concept of putting one’s thoughts down in ink, sending them to politicians, and then trying to recoup the costs by selling the same text to the public still a valid one in today’s world?

The answer remains to be seen, and our fortunes as a publishing company largely depend on what that answer will be. We sent a review copy of our first book, How Democrats Can Take Back Congress by “Tom Paine” to every Democratic member of Congress, as well as key Democratic party officials. We are getting their feedback now. The public’s reaction is even more important to us, though.  So take a chance on our first literary political experiment and order a copy of our first book!

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