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Chris Weigant

Chris Weigant


The Hotspot, the online daily from the prestigious National Journal, awards Chris Weigant’s article “Thought Of The Day”

The Council on Foreign Relations think tank recently quoted the author in an article on their website.


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Archive of Chris Weigant
(a.k.a. “Tom Paine”), the author of
How Democrats Can Take Back Congress

Articles / Editorials / Blogs:

11/22/06—Huffington Post
“A Good Time Was Had By All!” — A Washington Thanksgiving Farce
I’m here in Washington on assignment, my editor having provided me with a ticket to what he swears is the best Thanksgiving party inside the Beltway. I walk into the entrance lobby, and am immediately confronted by two doors...
(Original post with comments on Huffington Post site)

11/15/06—Huffington Post
“In Other News...” (Project Censored’s Annual Top 25)
Sonoma State University have released their annual list of under-reported news stories, somewhat deceptively titled “Top 25 Censored Stories of 2007.” This is misleading (since 2007 hasn’t even started yet) so either they have learned to see into the future...
(Original post with comments on Huffington Post site)

11/9/06—Huffington Post
Happy Days Are Here Again, So Don’t Screw It Up
Everyone ready to sing along? All together now...

Happy days are here again
The skies above are clear again
So let’s sing a song of cheer again...

(Original post with comments on Huffington Post site)

11/6/06—Huffington Post
Here Are My Election Picks — What Are Yours?
I have been disappointed by the many pundits who are not willing to put their election predictions up for public display. While there have been exceptions, most commentators are busily hedging bets and couching their predictions in vague and plausibly...
(Original post with comments on Huffington Post site)

10/31/06—Huffington Post
BOO!!  [Two Terrifying Tales]
My 2006 Jack O'Lanterns

(Original post with comments on Huffington Post site)

10/25/06—Huffington Post
Will 2006 Be The Year Of The Latino Voter?
Immediately after the polls close (it seems), the mainstream media will inevitably name one particular group of voters the “deciding factor” in the election. We’ve already had “soccer moms” and “NASCAR dads.” Last time around...
(Original post with comments on Huffington Post site)

10/18/06—Huffington Post
Celebrity Candidate Casting Call
The voters of California (an extremely blue state) seem to have caught a bad case of Gonorrhea Lectim (pronounced: “gonna re-elect him”) when it comes to Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Sadly, for Democrats...
(Original post with comments on Huffington Post site)

10/11/06—Huffington Post
Toss Republicans An Anvil
Democrats are barely containing their glee at the Foley follies, and are acting as though their biggest problem is putting enough champagne on ice for their November victory parties. Such complacency is dangerous....
(Original post with comments on Huffington Post site)

10/4/06—Huffington Post
Reaching Values Voters And Mastering The Brush-off
A word of caution for all on the left who would seize upon the Foley scandal as a way to make political hay: there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about it. From what I’ve read in the blogosphere so far, most are proposing the wrong way....
(Original post with comments on Huffington Post site)

9/27/06—Huffington Post
Last Call For 2006 “October Surprise” Bets!
Step right up! Place your bets! All wagering on the 2006 October Surprise will officially end midnight Saturday, so lay your money down now! Karl Rove is already bragging to the Republican faithful that he’s got a doozy....
(Original post with comments on Huffington Post site)

9/20/06—Huffington Post
How To Win The Campaign Ad War: Planet Republican vs. Down-To-Earth Democrats
Disappointingly, the only thing the Democrats seem to be rallying around at this point in the election campaign is: “We’re not Republicans, and we’re especially not President Bush.” Bad as that sounds, it could actually be enough...
(Original post with comments on Huffington Post site)

9/15/06—Huffington Post
So Is Torturing A Daughter OK?
The best way to make a political case against an untenable position is to ask a question that paints the opponent into a corner, because it has no “right” answer. The most famous of these is “So tell us, Senator, have you stopped beating your wife?”...
(Original post with comments on Huffington Post site)
[Note: If you click the above original post link, you can see that this article caused a huge fracas in the comments section (total: 146, highest yet!)]

9/13/06—Huffington Post
The Jeffords Solution To A 50-50 Tie In The Senate
With all the prognosticating currently happening over the Democrats’ chances of taking back the Senate in November, a real and likely option looms: winding up in a 50-50 tie. Not much has been said about this, but one would like to think...
(Original post with comments on Huffington Post site)

9/11/06—Huffington Post
A Big Senate Race From A Very Small State
A bit of trivia to begin with. The smallest state in the country has the longest official name. And tomorrow, it also has the most interesting primary race this side of Connecticut (so to speak). In the “State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations” the Republicans...
(Original post with comments on Huffington Post site)

9/7/06—Huffington Post
Guest Column: Rules Democrats Should Use To Take Back Congress
(Original post with comments on Huffington Post site)

8/30/06—Huffington Post
Good Democratic Campaign Tactics: Bush And Gas Prices
Rather than taking potshots at all and sundry this week, for a change I’d like to spotlight some positive ideas from the Democratic campaign trail. Two encouraging developments deserve both applause and emulation....
(Original post with comments on Huffington Post site)

8/23/06—Huffington Post
Campaign Ads For The Katrina And 9/11 Anniversary Season: “Got Competence?”
There are two major anniversaries just around the corner: the first anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, and the fifth anniversary of 9/11. Both will have political implications in this election year. The Democrats need to realize....
(Original post with comments on Huffington Post site)

8/16/06—Huffington Post
October Surprise 2006: Place Your Bets Now!
Step right up and place your bets on October Surprise, 2006!
What will Republicans trot out this election year? What will be their outrageous attempt to swing the election? What plot is Karl Rove et al. currently hatching to give the GOP an edge?...
(Original post with comments on Huffington Post site)

8/9/06—Huffington Post
What Do We Do When The Iraq Civil War Starts?
There was an important news story last weekend, but it got swallowed up by the Israeli/Lebanese/Hezbollah conflict and the Connecticut primary news. Newsweek broke the story that the White House is actually planning what to do...
(Original post with comments on Huffington Post site)

8/2/06—Huffington Post
American Foreign Policy: Wonderland, Oz, and Never-Never Land
[Those of you who don’t appreciate the overuse of metaphors shouldn’t even bother with this article. Go read the latest on Mel Gibson instead. You have been warned.]
President Bush’s strategy for peace in the Middle East has always been eerily reminiscent of the Queen of Hearts...
(Original post with comments on Huffington Post site)

7/26/06—Huffington Post
Take Jimmy Carter’s Advice On The Primary Calendar
It shouldn’t surprise anyone to hear that the Democrats could have made a bold visionary change, but instead decided to tinker around the edges of a problem. While I’m glad they’re attempting anything new at all, I am also once again disappointed...
(Original post with comments on Huffington Post site)

7/20/06—Huffington Post
Murder And Rape Should Not Be A Cartoon
Where are all the “Ban Video Game Violence” crusaders when you need them?
There has been a trend in the television news media over the last decade which needs to be stopped. This trend...

(Original post with comments on Huffington Post site)

7/12/06—Huffington Post
The Plastic Loan Shark In Your Wallet
How many voters in Red State America would strongly consider electing a Democrat if it meant the cost of their credit cards would go down? How many swing voters would be swung by such an appeal? Most importantly...
(Original post with comments on Huffington Post site)

7/2/06—Huffington Post
A New Direction For America? [Part 2]
In my previous post, I examined and graded the new Democratic campaign strategy document “A New Direction For America” (ANDFA) as a whole. After calling for...
(Original post with comments on Huffington Post site)

6/23/06—Huffington Post
A New Direction For America? [Part 1]
Last Friday Nancy Pelosi unveiled “A New Direction For America,” the new Democratic campaign strategy for the 2006 midterm congressional elections. This announcement has been a long time coming....
(Original post with comments on Huffington Post site)

6/14/06—Huffington Post
Allow Minimum Wage Workers to Share Congress’ COLA
At least Congress appreciates irony. The following two AP stories appeared within hours of each other, both written by Andrew Taylor:
“House Panel Recommends Minimum Wage Hike”
“House Lawmakers Accept $3,300 Pay Hike”...

(Original post with comments on Huffington Post site)

6/11/06—San Jose Mercury News
June primary makes California irrelevant once every four years
Last Tuesday was certainly a beautiful day to go to the polls for California’s primary election. The sun was shining, the weather was great and everyone in line agreed it was a fine day for voting. If the primary had been held back in March...
(Original article on Mercury News site)

6/9/06—Huffington Post
Democratic Demagoguery
You’ve got to hand it to Republicans, they sure know how to demagogue. The Senate spent this week forcing votes on GOP lost causes. First up was the gay marriage amendment, then came repealing the estate tax...
(Original post with comments on Huffington Post site)

7/17/02—San Jose Mercury News
We Can Stop CEO Fraud — Here’s How
In the frenzy of new corporate crime-busting laws getting passed by publicity-hungry politicians, I’d like to offer a modest proposal to use stronger law enforcement methods to deter such crime....

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